After working, planning and saving for retirement all of their lives, the seniors of Philadelphia have earned the right to a safe and secure retirement. We must do everything we can to ensure that Philadelphia is an affordable and accommodating city for our seniors.

As Mayor, Lynne will:

  • Develop new initiatives to allow senior citizens to continue giving back to Philadelphia. Make no mistake: One of our City’s great resources lies in our senior citizen community. We must develop imaginative ways to channel their experience, knowledge and skill back into our City.
  • Partner with non-profits, such as the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, in terms of personal care and senior citizens’ quality of life. This means addressing economical home health care, day care, nursing care and medical care alternatives for seniors, and assessing the adequacy of our City’s long-term and hospice care facilities.
  • Rededicate efforts to ensure no senior goes hungry. This will involve partnering with organizations such as the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger to assess food bank adequacy and to increase senior access to supermarkets and fresh produce. In addition, Lynne will work with libraries and universities to offer senior citizens free nutritional education.
  • Increase the number of affordable senior housing units. Working through the Office of Housing and Community Development and other City agencies, we will help seniors stay in their homes by providing real estate tax relief, reverse mortgage counseling and guidance on foreclosure prevention.
  • Expand senior citizens’ assess to reduced-fare or free transportation services, such as SEPTA’s Connect, because senior citizens often need transportation for medical care, food shopping, banking and other essential errands.
  • Establish a public service announcement campaign informing seniors about the availability of free or reduced-cost legal and end-of-life planning services from organizations such as CLC’s Elderly Law Project.
  • Establish a program to facilitate senior citizens’ access to free or reduced-cost cellular phones, landline phones, computers and medical alert devices.

Ready On Day One