After the stock market crashed, Lynne’s Dad worked on Dock Street for $15 a week hauling vegetables. Lynne has experienced first-hand the struggles families face when the economy is failing, jobs are scarce and wages are unfair.

As Mayor, Lynne will:

  • Work to raise the minimum wage to fight income disparity and help Philadelphia’s businesses grow, thrive and create the good-paying jobs we need. Lynne understands that more people earning a living wage from an honest day’s work means fewer people stuck in poverty. This means greater opportunities in Philadelphia now and for generations to come.
  • Attack poverty—an absolutely critical challenge for our City. About 400,000 of us—almost a fourth of Philadelphia’s population—including thousands of children, live in poverty. Lynne will channel resources for adult education and training programs to ensure that Philadelphians can successfully compete for local jobs, and focus these efforts on those with the greatest barriers to employment.
  • Lead an innovative and aggressive “back-to-work program” to focus on education, training and business development for the hard-hit segments of our population.
  • Work to integrate the formerly incarcerated into our workforce. This is an issue close to Lynne’s heart: A recent study shows that if Philadelphia cuts the number of recidivists by 1,500, the City will save $26.3 million a year. But beyond these savings, we can lift up people who have paid their social debt and want to become good citizens. Lynne’s Office of Reintegration Services will make this a primary goal.
  • Enhance funding for StartUp PHL and expand its reach. Lynne’s dedicated business and technological staff will work to make Philadelphia increasingly a “go-to” city for entrepreneurs.
  • Support equal pay for equal work for everyone.
  • Seek robust national and international trading partners for Philadelphia.
  • Direct the Office of the City Representative to create a modern marketing platform to increase tourism revenue by making Philadelphia a “must-visit” city for tourists, business travelers and conventioneers.
  • Appoint a full-time Commerce Director working 24/7 to execute a comprehensive business development strategy to bring business to the City and create new jobs.
  • Revive the Department of Licenses and Inspections (“L&I”) by increasing the number of inspectors and the inspection unit’s hours of operation. Fundamentally, L&I must be fully staffed, funded, trained and supervised. Only licensed, safe and code-compliant contractors will be cleared to work. Public safety comes first.
  • Simplify, streamline and modernize L&I’s process for obtaining permits to spur economic development. Today, this process is far too cumbersome, expensive and difficult. It deters small business development and growth. Streamlining L&I will be a central part of driving economic growth and moving Philadelphia into the future.

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