Developing and executing a forward-looking and balanced energy policy for tomorrow will be a key challenge for our City’s next Mayor. In leading this, Lynne will:

  • Support the Philadelphia Water Department’s Stormwater Regulations, including those regulations going into effect on July 1, 2015, that tighten standards and govern the quantity and quality of runoff.
  • Consider amendments to the Zoning Code to incentivize adaptive reuse of historic buildings and new buildings with LEED certifications.
  • Protect our parks and open spaces—our City’s treasures. We must preserve and defend these areas, while also focusing on upkeep and maintenance of our neighborhood parks and open spaces.
  • Enforce anti-graffiti measures. Graffiti will not be tolerated on Lynne’s watch. Support the City’s Mural Arts Program, our most effective anti-graffiti effort. The Graffiti Abatement Team will be fully staffed funded.
  • Fully support recycling in our City.
  • Prioritize the cleaning of our city streets, including continuing the Philly Spring Clean Up program and exploring increasing city waste and recycling receptacles within our neighborhoods to help increase recycling and decrease littering.
  • Convert abandoned buildings and vacant lots into productive uses as quickly as possible through use of the Land Bank.
  • Transform Philadelphia into the next great energy hub—while preserving our environment and health throughout our neighborhoods and industrial areas. For example, Lynne is concerned about the transport of oil by rail, especially through outdated cars that have already been banned in Canada. Ensure that transportation corridors for energy—whether by rail, ship, pipeline or other means—do not create risk to our people.
  • As an energy hub that generates thousands of high-paying jobs, Philadelphia can attract financial and other players in energy commerce and the generation, distribution and export of petrochemical energy and by-products. We must encourage new manufacturing facilities right here in our City and provide low-cost sources of power.

Ready On Day One