Our diversity can be our greatest strength. Although, we have made strides toward equality, we must accept that we still have a long way to go. African-American men are more than six times more likely to end up in prison than white men. Women still earn less than men for doing the same work. LGBT residents often do not receive full equality in our City. And so many in our immigrant communities are not treated with the respect that they deserve. We must correct these injustices and we must correct them now.

As Mayor, Lynne will:

  • Fight to make Philadelphia free of discrimination and full of opportunity.
  • Put in place a ZERO Tolerance Policy on Discrimination—whether based on gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, culture, race, religion or disability. She will not tolerate discrimination in any form.
  • Establish a ZERO Tolerance Policy on Bullying and work to eradicate bullying from our schools, workplaces and communities. As Lynne has said before, our schools in particular will have an enumerated policy to protect all students from bullying for any reason.
  • Put forth a ZERO Tolerance Policy on Domestic Violence and establish an Office Against Family Violence. Lynne will coordinate with law enforcement and social service organizations to protect the abused and prosecute the abusers.
  • Support equal pay for equal work—because her Administration will lead by example and practice the policy of equal pay for equal work for EVERYONE.
  • Support Philadelphia residents’ constitutional right of equal treatment under the law. Equal treatment begins from the top down, and it will be Lynne’s job as “Nobody’s Mayor But Yours” to assure equality at all levels of City government.
  • Instruct police and law enforcement to investigate fully any alleged hate crime and make it clear that hate crimes will not be tolerated in our City. Furthermore, Lynne will instruct her Police Commissioner to inform the police not to engage in conduct that targets our immigrant communities. Additionally, she will continue the City’s policy to end ICE holds.
  • Support Philadelphia law ensuring that individuals have the basic right to fair and equal treatment by landlords and other housing providers. She will not tolerate discriminatory actions that violate Philadelphia’s Fair Housing Ordinance.

Ready On Day One